For you budding gurus out there who have GPS, all you need to know is the postcode, which is PR7 5PR. However if like me, I’m sure you are more then aware that technology has a habit of letting you down when you need it most. Alternatively if you’re more of a traditional driver who enjoys driving without the aids of such gadgetry. In either case we have put together directions to The Delph that should prevent anyone from getting lost.



Leave M6 at Junction 27 and turn right

Take the second right past the petrol station and church yard on to Moss Lane (before speed camera)

Take the next right into Courage Low Lane

Carry on for two miles then turn left into Halfpenny Lane (look out for the blue Delph sign)

The Delph is on the right (look for the dry stone wall)



Leave M6 at Junction 27 and turn left

Follow the same instructions as above.


PLEASE NOTE!  Most of the roads leading to The Delph are narrow country roads which can be occupied by runners, walkers, cyclists and plenty of wildlife. Please take care when driving.