Rules 2024


Please ensure you follow guidance from staff members at The Delph

General site information 

Please try not to arrive earlier than the opening times, typically we open the gates before our advertised opening times but please do not block the lane if the gates are closed as our neighbours need to use the lane. 

Diving and swimming

Divers and swimmers need to be registered with us and need to show their membership cards on every visit. If you are not you need to complete the registration form on the front page or at reception and £15 for one year registration fee applies. After one year we ask all members to renew their membership for a further year for £15.00 - we ask this small fee to help us maintiain the site and keep the days entry fee at a low price which we beleive is one of the lowest in the country compared with other inland sites. 

Please DO NOT enter the water without checking in at reception. 

Diver Training

All schools and clubs are responsible for their own first aid provisions including oxygen and also kit cleaning provision.

No cleaning fluids or used sofnolime to be disposed of on-site as it can be harmful to the environment.

These rules have been put in place for the safety of everyone, both customers and staff. They may be subject to change as government and scientific advice changes. Please stick to the rules to avoid staff being put in the uncomfortable and unfair situation of having to ask persons to leave.We ask all instructors bringing students new to The Delph to ensure they register with us on arrival.

Air fills

Air fills are available, we can fill air to 230 bar. 


The cafe is now fully open. We welcome children to the cafe but please be aware ALL children under 14 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL TIMES.

Changing rooms

The changing rooms are open and hot showers are available.  

Main reception/Shop

The reception and shop are fully open, the dive shop has an extensive range of kit for divers and swimmers at competetive prices. 

Swimming (Updated June 2024)

All swimmers MUST wear a full length wetsuit at ALL TIMES in the water. We also recommend the use of a tow float. There must be at least two people in the water OR have a responsible adult spotting from waterside. ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE REGISTERED AND HOLD A VALID MEMBERSHIP WITH US.

Please respect that we welcome swimmers of all abilities, please ensure space is given for every swimmer in the water.


We welcome anyone to The Delph but we politely remind you that we are a privately owned site with an onsite cafe and we request no picnics, do not feed the fish with anything other than food bought from our cafe and do not enter the water for any reason including paddling or unauthorised swimming, anyone found to be disregarding this request will be asked to leave the premises. 

Please do not drop litter, please use the bins provided. Please do not put dog mess in our wheelie bins. There is a metal bin in the car park for dog waste.

Dogs MUST be on a lead at all times and under all circumstances are not allowed in the water. 

Remember all swimmers MUST wear a full length wetsuit, and during the winter months wear a tow-float, be in a group of two or more and all swimmers must have prior experience in cold water swimming or being under training with a swim coach.


Enjoy your dive or swim.